Social Tools & Best Practices Overview

T he Social Tools & Best Practices Summit is a unique conference that focuses on social media best practices and technology. The Summit showcases the wide variety of social media tools available for companies large and small, how they can be fully leveraged, and real-life examples of how businesses are deriving ROI from them. This is the first conference dedicated solely to social media best practices and business tools.

The Social Tools Summit is targeted at our growing community of 450,000 professionals including executives and managers in social media, marketing, sales, human resources, IT, legal/compliance, public relations, and business development. The content is relevant for both executives trying to ascertain the ROI of their social media investment, as well as those responsible for managing budgets and implementation initiatives. We expect over 250 senior decision makers this year.

The Social Tools Summit is like no other conference you have attended. In addition to our product experts and speakers, we include a Trender Panel, or focus group of power users, who weigh in on their key needs. Further, we make the conference fun by gamefying the proceedings, with one lucky winner being awarded the "Social Genius" crystal trophy.

This conference provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn from social media power users and the vendors themselves, in a fun, highly interactive atmosphere. It also allows you to network with other attendees and share best practices on the tools you already use.

How. Social. Works.

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iomjfqfa9xcjycnbxwez "Social Tools Summit was a huge win for us. Having a chance to hear great speakers, demo our solution to each attendee, and get a chance to network was a good mix. Not only was it productive, I left with a bigger and better professional network comprised of key decision makers and implementers."

Julio Viskovich, VP of Marketing, rFactr

xruebm06f2abqm9nwtxf "Social Tools Summit was the first social media conference outside of the travel industry I have ever attended. I’m so glad I did.  It is a great one to help understand the constant changes around social media tools.  One person can’t do it alone.  I highly recommend you attend Social Tools Summit to keep abreast of the latest and greatest around social media tools."
Dennis Owen, Group Manager Social Media, Cathay Pacific

aa85fdl7ucjflvtzqknn "Speaking at Social Tools Summit in San Francisco has created a ton of opportunity for both myself and my business. Brian and Neal helped me differentiate my brand, speak my mind, and develop thought leadership in an open and passionate manner—and all while rubbing shoulders with other influential professionals that direct our industry. I would without a doubt recommend attending or speaking at this event."
Jacob Warwick, former Director of Digital Marketing, Xerox

Example Past Attendees

Summary of Past Summits

The Social Tools & Best Practices Summit community is growing, with reach to over 450,000 professionals across social, web, and email channels. The inaugural Boston Summit drew 158 total attendees including streamers. San Francisco increased to 219 total attendees. And the 2016 Boston reprise attracted 248 total attendees. The attendees skewed towards senior executives and other decision makers. In fact, 72% were CXOs, VPs, or Director level. We expect our growth to continue throughout 2016, while maintaining a high quality audience of decision makers.

Sponsors and attendees alike were thrilled by the quality networking, and everyone really enjoyed the hands-on “Product Speedcase” and the chance to learn and meet the experts during the meals, breaks, and the "Social Social" cocktail reception. More than a few people said they made connections, and even friends, that they will maintain well beyond the Summit. One sponsor said “we’ve filled our sales pipeline for months.” Some developed strategic alliances with other tools vendors.

In addition to the great learning and networking, the Social Tools Summit continues to generate an enormous amount of buzz. The May Boston Summit generated 80 million impressions for #SocialTools15 in May, and in San Francisco this grew to over 90 million impressions. In both cases, #SocialTools15 was trending in the top 10 of Twitter worldwide! A significant accomplishment for a relatively small conference.


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Awards were given out to both attendees and sponsors. Attendees participated in a game system using LinkedIn to award points for insightful commentary by either speakers or audience members.

2016 Boston Individual Awards:
  • 1st Place “Social Genius”- Amanda Healy, Tibco Software
  • 2nd Place “Social Hero”- Kate Hutchinson, EMC
  • 3rd Place “Social Guru”- Lina Roque, CA Technologies
    2016 Boston Sponsor Awards:
  • “Best of Show”- Curata
  • “Most Innovative Product”- Talkwalker
  • “Best Fit”- LiftMetrix

  • 2015 San Francisco Individual Awards:
  • 1st Place “Social Genius”- Koka Sexton, LinkedIn
  • 2nd Place “Social Hero”- Steven Zielke, Blappsta
  • 3rd Place “Social Guru”- Kevin Thomas Tully, rFactr
    2015 San Francisco Sponsor Awards:
  • “Best of Show”- rFactr
  • “Most Innovative Product”- Little Bird
  • “Best Fit”- (tie) PostBeyond and Sociabble

  • 2015 Boston Individual Awards:
  • 1st Place “Social Genius”- Ron Schott, Simply Measured
  • 2nd Place “Social Hero”- Alan Belniak, MathWorks
  • 3rd Place “Social Guru”- Marylin Montoya, Sociabble
    2015 Boston Sponsor Awards:
  • “Best of Show”- Curata
  • “Most Innovative Product”- AgoraPulse
  • “Best Fit”- Simply Measured

  • Simply Measured's Ron Schott earns top honors and accepts Bos15 “Social Genius” trophy.
    While sold out, everyone got a seat at a banquet table.
    The Plan Company's Pedro Rojas having some fun with "Oktoposties".
    Dave Kerpen is a "Likeable" guy in this selfie.
    Sociabble's Marylin Montoya wins “Social Guru” trophy.
    AgoraPulse CEO Emeric Ernoult accepts Bos15 "Best Innovation” trophy.
    Session discussions were highly interactive with the audience.
    The Curata team displaying their Bos15 “Best of Show” trophy.
    Attendees interact via LinkedIn, Twitter, text, and TintUp app. We were trending worldwide!
    MathWorks' Alan Belniak is proud of his Bos15 “Social Hero” trophy.
    Attendees gave our interactive panel format high marks.
    The "Product Speedcase" allowed sponsors to demo/chat with all attendees in an intimate format.

    Why Attend?

    At the Social Tools Summit, we cover the tools and best practices that allow you to get the most out of your social media programs. Our session topics are timely and will likely shape your working priorities when you go back to the office. You will leave having heard from both power users and social tools experts on ways to improve your bottom line.



    Strategic Panel Discussions


    Trender Power Users


    "Social Genius" Trophy Winner

    Rob Fuggetta

    CEO, Zuberance; Author, "Brand Advocates"

    Rob Fuggetta is the world's leading Brand Advocate expert. Rob Fuggetta (pronounced Few-jetta) is the author of Brand Advocates: Turning Enthusiastic Customers into a Powerful Marketing Force (John H. Wiley & Sons, Inc.), and Founder/CEO of Zuberance, the leading full-service Advocate marketing company. Rob is a popular, passionate speaker who has delighted audiences at over 500 events, including Ad Tech, TedX, the Word of Mouth Marketing Summit, and at numerous AMA, PRSA, DMA, ANA, BMA, and MENG events. Rob teaches a two-day seminar on Advocate & Influencer marketing, sponsored by the national AMA. He also is a featured speaker at AMA's Spring and Fall marketing workshops. In addition to his book, Rob has published over 100 articles and posts about brand advocacy in Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, iMedia, and dozens of other online publications. The Online Marketing Institute recently named Rob one of the Top 40 digital marketers in the US.
    Advocacy has moved to the front burner of the CMO’s agenda... the fastest way to grow is to turn the funnel upside down. Instead of focusing on Advocates at the bottom of the funnel, make your Advocates into your marketing department.

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    Media and Research Partners


    Brian Mahony

    Managing Director, Compelum Sales & Marketing

    Neal Schaffer

    Author, "Maximize Your Social"

    Your conference... gamefied.

    O ne of the innovations that makes the Social Tools Summit unique is the use of gamification to keep the dialogue interactive and fun. How often have we been to conferences where someone stands at a podium and drones on and on, making sure to include every possible buzzword and bit of technical jargon in the presentation. Not here. Though we will have expert speakers and power users dispensing wisdom, we'll "keep them honest" by awarding points for good presentations, comments, or predicting how the experts or Trender panels may respond to key questions posed to them. And we'll do it in real-time during the conference. The winner will be awarded the "Social Genius" trophy at the end of the day. Just a small token of the audience's appreciation for being interesting and insightful.

    To do this, each attendee must remember to bring a smart phone, tablet, or laptop to the event. We'll make sure you get a good WiFi connection or you can use your mobile service provider. Click this link to join the "Social Tools Summit" LinkedIn group to access content and receive instructions for onsite interaction and "The Game". The rest of the game system will be explained onsite.